Rehv 380/70R28 GRI Greenxlr 70 127A8/B

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- size 380/70R28
- diameter Ø 1293 mm
- section width (SW) 380 mm
- rolling circumference 3883 mm
- static loaded radius (SLR) 586 mm
- load and speed index 127 LI, 1750 kg, B SI, 50 km/h
- recommended rim W12 / alternative W11, W13

GRI radial tires for heavy duty tractors
Green XLR 70 series:
- suitable for several heavy duty applications such as soil preparation and road transport
- wide contact patch ensures excellent traction on all surfaces
- provides long wear, smooth riding and excellent self-cleaning
- flexible sidewall provides higher rider comfort for less fatigue and minimum soil compaction

SKU RG3807028R
Laius 38.0000
Kõrgus 129.3000
Sügavus 129.3000
Brand GRI
Paki kaal 74.3000