Rehv 520/85R42 GRI Greenxlr 85 157A8/B

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- size 520/85R42
- diameter Ø 1951 mm
- section width (SW) 516 mm
- rolling circumference 5871 mm
- static loaded radius (SLR) 858 mm
- load and speed index 158 LI, 4250 kg, B SI, 50 km/h
- recommended rim DW16A, W16A / alternative W16L, DD18L, W18L, W18A

GRI radial tires for heavy duty tractors
Green XLR 85 series:
- featuring outstanding traction and driving comfort on and off the road
- new tie bar design prevents center lug cracks when the load is high
- long service life
- ideal for long working hours in the fields

SKU RG5208542R
Laius 51.6000
Kõrgus 195.1000
Sügavus 195.1000
Brand GRI
Paki kaal 202.8100