Rehv 650/65R42 GRI Greenxlr 65 168A8/165D

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- size 650/65R42
- diameter Ø 1913 mm
- section width (SW) 645 mm
- rolling circumference 5740 mm
- static loaded radius (SLR) 864 mm
- load and speed index 165 LI, 5150 kg, D SI, 65 km/h
- recommended rim DW20B

GRI radial tires for heavy duty tractors
Green XLR 65 series:
- high tire volume with low inflation pressure provides high traction and greater soil protection
- best for soil tillage and on the road applications
- excellent driving comfort in the field and on the road
- strong casing, impact belts and special compound for extensive longer life

SKU RG6506542R
Laius 64.5000
Kõrgus 191.3000
Sügavus 191.3000
Brand GRI
Paki kaal 242.6000