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- for automatic transmissions with an oil capacity up to 6 litres
- where there is friction, there is also wear as a natural consequence
- in transmissions, synchronisation plates are worn, as a result of which the transmission becomes stiff to use and it begins to produce noise
- such a situation can be easily cured with RVS Transmission Protection & Restoration products
- application syringe with 25 cm flexible tube for transferring RVS gel to the transmission
- 11 ml RVS gel tube
- multilanguage step-by-step instruction booklet

RVS Technology®
- is a technique that has the capacity to form a Triboceramic surface structure on metal friction contact zones (metal-ceramic), while the mechanism is in it’s normal productive operation
- RVS has unique properties; it protects and prevents the surfaces and mechanisms of wear and tear
- RVS is the only technology that has the ability to restore sliding surfaces, in good case, up to their original shape and tolerances
- the new surface structure takes place autoreactively, without disassembling the equipment being restored
- in practice this means, without down times and loss of production
- the core of the technology is its ability to identify objects and points prone to wear and damage by “locating” the source of the thermal energy (heat) produced by the friction and it’s capacity to modify these friction surfaces
- the process ceases automatically as the required result is obtained

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