Tööjalatsid al hit 2 xl+ s3 hro 45

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- Aluminium toecaps and penetration-resistant steel insoles provide protection for the feet while the upper leather is protected by a stylish cup
- The upper material is durable leather
- The grey heat-resistant rubber soles are durable and withstand temperatures up to 300°C
- Heat-resistant Kevlar stitching
- EN ISO 20345: S3 SRC HRO

- Upper material pu coated leather
- Aluminium toecap
- Steel midsole prevents sharp objects from penetrating through the sole (EN ISO 20345:2011)
- Sievi XL-last is larger than normal size last, so it's offer more space and comfort for the wearer
- 3D-dry lining keeps your feet comfortably dry
- Sole material PU/RU provides excellent grip and wear resistance. Heat resistance up to 300 °C
- Heat resistance sole (Sievi’s nitrile rubber sole withstands temperatures up to 300°C)
- Shock-absorbing heel
- FlexStep®
- Antistatic
- ESD approved (IEC 61340-5-1)
- Sievi DUAL Comfort insole
- Water repellent material on the outside
- Resistance to oil and many chemicals

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