Imavad graanulid 40l

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- oil absorbent granules are suitable for absorption of oil spills or any other liquid spills, odor control and prevent slipping
- after absorption, the granules are surface dry, so they are easy to collect with shovel and floor brush
- harmless to humans, animals, plants and groundwater
- material is sintered mineral granules, based on diatomaceous earth and clay
- does not contain chemical or synthetic additives
- oil binder type III R
- melting point 1500 °C
- insoluble in water or acids
- 1 liter of absorbent granules binds at least 0.4 liters of oil

Laius 37.0000
Kõrgus 14.0000
Sügavus 74.0000
Paki kaal 20.1000