Turvasaapad light camo o5 35

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- New product in the Sievi light boots collection! Sievi Light Boot Camo is a comfortable and safe boot for work and leisure
- The microcellular structure of polyurethane makes the boots lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear
- The penetration-resistant steel midsoles give the boots a firm shape and add rotational rigidity even on uneven terrain while providing protection against sharp objects
- EN ISO 20347: O5 SRC FO

- Upper material textile
- Steel midsole prevents sharp objects from penetrating through the sole (EN ISO 20345:2011)
- Sole material PU provides very high slip-resistance, flexibility and providing excellent shock absorption
- Shock-absorbing heel
- FlexStep®
- Antistatic
- ESD approved (IEC 61340-5-1)
- Water repellent material on the outside

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