Metalliketassaag CD3605DA korpus

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- efficient circular saw for cutting metal
- light and flexible, easy to control
- "Silent mode" improves motor efficiency and lowers noise - perfect for noise sensitive areas
- automatically switches to "Power mode" when more power is required
- high efficiency brushless motor, long lifetime with reduced maintenance
- safe to use thanks to overload protection and "kickback” reduction system
- soft start
- easy blade change
- blowing function keeps the cutting area dust-free
- LED light with 3 functions (continuous on / only during operation / off)
- stainless steel base plate
- battery type slide

Technical information:
- voltage 36 V
- blade Ø 125 x 20 mm
- cutting depth 90° 0-46 mm
- no load speed 3600 (Power Mode) / 2400 (Silent Mode)
- dimensions 286 x 193 x 236 mm
- weight without battery 2,8 kg

Standard accessories:
- note! tool only, delivered in HSC case (battery, charger and accessories not included)

- cutting of metal materials

Multi Volt 36 V:
- the Multi Volt battery paired with Multi Volt 36 V tools offers unprecedented cordless power over 1000 W with its size and weight. The Multi Volt 36 V tools are faster, stronger and more efficient than 18 V tools. The Multi Volt series brings you the freedom and the lightweightness of the cordless tools and the power of the corded tools!

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